For questions or additonal information, contact the "lead mare" of Hairloom Treasures, Giselle Rec, at:

Email: gisellerec@gmail.com
Phone: 207-807-2009

Hairloom Treasures
47 Grove Street, #4
Kennebunk, ME 04043
Welcome to Hairloom Treasures
Your ultimate source for custom-created horse tail jewelry


    What a wonderful year!
    I would like to thank all the humans and their horses who supported Hairloom Treasures in 2013. Over 90 tails have been in my hands. And I remember every one of their tales: Pluto - the lost Andalusian; Korona - the silver medal winner, Dublin - a girl's first horse lost too young ... I could go on forever.
     Thanks to Hairloom Treasures these horses and their humans will be together, their beautiful tails turned into a bracelet, with a tale to tell. Thank you to  all. And thank you in advance to those who plan on adding a Hairloom Treasure to your world in 2014.

--- Giselle Rec