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Giselle would like to share her kudos from…..

Pam, who lives in  Concord, N.H.: Pam lost her 30-year-old mare Mysti in late April 2011. Mysti was a feisty Appy mare, who was known at her barn as the Boss Mare. “She had a very tough winter and we pushed her through to make sure we could bury her at home with her herd,” Pam said.
This is Pam’s second Hairloom Treasure order and she returned to me because she trusts my work. She says: “I absolutely love it. You have such a wonderful talent and I wish you all the best. I recommend you to all my horsey friends.”


This blog, written by “Mel” from California, talks about everything from endurance riding to appreciation for the military horses of old.  I thank Mel for letting me work with the priceless tail of her dearly departed Minx, and for these words:
“I highly recommend Hairloom Treasures if you are looking for a special remembrance of a special horse. She puts a special touch with each project and the customer service can’t be beat. I’m not getting paid or compensated for this review in any way, just a very happy customer!”
You can click this link if you want to read more about Mel’s Hairloom Treasure shown in the photo with some of the sympathy cards she received after Minx’s passing. I am touched that my work meant so much to her. 
Faith is a rescue horse who lives at Greenwood Stables in Derry, N.H. Julie, trainer at the barn, began caring for the starved mare 
in February when she was pulled from near death.  This summer, I met Julie at a show and made a number of Hairloom Treasures from Faith’s tail (that’s her at right checking out her “donation”), all of which were auctioned off on Ebay to raise money for Faith’s ever growing medical bills. I am happy to say Faith’s rehab, and the auction, have both been remarkably successful. 

Visit the Saving Faith Blog by clicking here to learn all about the beautiful transition.

Dawn McNutt of West Paris, Maine.
She gave Hairloom Treasures some much appreciated attention in her blog  “West Paris (Oxford Hills) Daily Photo” (the text at left is a link)and “Morning Call Ranch” (the text at left is a also a link).
Thanks to Dawn for letting me work with her and her family’s beloved mare, Moonie. It truly was a pleasure.

Jesse Green, owner of WC Bayhead Spartan, winner of the 2002 Saddle & Bridle Jr. Shatner Western Pleasure World Championship: 
She says: “Giselle’s hairlooms are by far the best out there.  Her prices are very affordable and her work is top notch. Hairloom Treasures also has the widest variety of styles available….from elegant key chains to classic & simple braided bracelets and necklaces with pendants.” Jesse, an apprentice at DeLovely Farm in Indiana wears Joey’s tail in the Collegiate style bracelet
Happy Snow from Ontario, Canada who received a Hairloom Treasure from a friend as gift to memorialize of her lost equine partner.

She says: “My horse Jake was laid to rest the past week and this memorial is so precious to me. Only a person who is a lover of horses could produce such a unique and special product.” Jake is forever kept close in the Infinity style bracelet.



It’s everything you want to know about Hairloom Treasures, me (Giselle) and more. And, nope, I did not pay for this article. It was a real reporter who came to do a real interview. She saw me at a craft fair and thought my work was really interesting. I hope you do, too!




Ashley, of the Swanky Saddlebred added Hairloom Treasures to her showcase “of some wonderful items that we’ve found.”

Click the picture above to be linked to her review about Hairloom Treasures. AND to find out some other great gift ideas for horse lovers.