Frequently Asked...

Hairloom Treasures
Can I wear my bracelet while showering, bathing, to the barn, or generally any where I go?

Yes! It’s that easy. Put it on. Leave it on, until you are ready to take it off. In fact, I encourage every day wear. Do note; however, that the bracelet may feel slightly tighter when wet. This will go away once the braid dries.

Will the hairs within the braid of my bracelet fray?

From time to time, a hair within the braid breaks and pokes through. If this happens, contact Giselle at for a quick fix on how to set it right again. For serious frays, the bracelet may need to be recreated. These are determined on a case by case basis.

How much hair do you need?

The answer to this question varies depending on the item and style you want. A general guideline is for all 5mm bracelets and smaller, a bundle gathered at the top with approximately the circumference of a No. 2 pencil will suffice. For larger braids, double the amount. For bracelets, try to make the length a good 12-14 inches. For a necklace, 20 inches or more should do it.

How do I collect the hair?

An easy step by step guideline can be found by clicking here.

How many tails can be included in my treasure?

As many as you like, although I do not recommend more than four, as it becomes difficult to differentiate the horses. The price listed is for one horse. Please add $3 to your order for each additional tail.